Sunday, September 22, 2013

International Cessna 120/140 Association

September 18 at Sky Manor (N40) near Pittstown, NJ

Phil called me Tuesday afternoon as I was readying my Cessna 150 for a local flight. He was online and had just discovered that the Cessna 120/140 Association's fly-in was starting the next day, and rather than some distant location it was only 1:45 from Hamilton where his 140 is based.

At first I said 'no', not wanting to take the time off or the expense of staying out of town for a couple days. But when he said it was just for the day I couldn't pass it up.

I worked the night before and even did some overtime in the morning before making the one hour drive from Syracuse to Hamilton. Phil was already at the airport when I arrived at 8:00 am. A quick change of clothes for me and with camera in hand I was ready to go.

The weather was perfect for the flight. A high pressure ridge over the eastern US kept skies clear and with light winds aloft the ride was smooth as glass.

Departing Hamilton we found fog filling many of the valleys through southern NY and into PA.

(click on images for full size)
Looking south over the nose with a direct path towards Sky Manor 139nm distant

Norwich airport was partially hidden

The skyline of NYC is visible in the distance on this cropped photo

Fog was slowly pouring through the Delaware Water Gap and evaporating.

Sky Manor airport was now only 25 miles distant and we covered this distance quickly in a well timed descent that brought us across the airport and right into the downwind leg.

On final for 29 at Sky Manor

Phil taxied up onto the grass parking area to join about a dozen and a half Cessna 120s & 140s already there.

Phil's teal and white Cessna 140

Phil at the Association tent

Only one person with a question?...

 A few of the beautiful planes that flew in for the event.



Panel of NC3600V

This aircraft was so shiny that from certain angles it was almost invisible.

I was surprised to find someone from Baldwinsville, NY was in attendance. B'ville is only about 15 miles from my home.

Not all the aircraft were as well cared for. This Cessna 170 tied out in the elements looks like it hasn't been touched in years
Lichen on the horizontal stabilizer...

and a toad on the wing!

A van carried a half dozen of us into Frenchtown for lunch. In town everyone headed off in different directions. Phil and I sat outside a small cafe for a relaxing lunch.

Arriving back at the airport we reviewed the line of planes one last time and watched a few take-offs and landings before climbing back in his 140 and heading north.

Our course took us across the approach and departure path for aircraft in and out of NYC. Departing aircraft were well above us, but one regional inbound passed directly under us. 

Settling into cruise at 9,500'. I began to get drowsy. Phil asked if I was getting hypoxic and wanted to descend to a lower altitude. No the altitude was fine, I'd been up for about 26 hours at that point. The smooth ride and relaxing drone of the engine was putting me to sleep.

We made good time and after about 1:45 flight time we were turning final into Hamilton

Phils Cessna 140 back in Hamilton.

Thanks Phil for a great day of flying!

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