Saturday, March 27, 2010

2010 Soaring Season is Approaching!

We have survived another winter. Although there are likely a few more snowflakes yet to fall, trees are budding and flowers are pushing up through the thawed earth. Spring is here!

Last week while hiking at Clark Reservation State Park I rested on a rock in the warm sunshine. Looking east towards Hamilton I saw the beginnings of Cu forming. Within a short time many more were scattered around the sky. It wasn't a strong day but clearly a day we could remain aloft with conservative flying.

At our winter meeting we discussed the airports' decision to move us to the west side of the runway. As the season gets closer we will need to work out some of the details for our operation. Particularly, the tie-down and assembly areas need to be chosen and marked so anchors can be installed. I'm not too familiar with the west side, is this area going to need to be carved out of a field or is there already a sufficient mowed section?

Perhaps sometime over the couple weeks we can gather for a look at the area.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flight with Phil in his Cessna 140 to Laconia, NH

Phil invited me along for a flight up to Laconia, NH. Originally we had planned on landing on the ice runway at Alton Bay on Lake Winnipesaukee. However recent rains and mild temperatures opened up water along the shoreline forcing the closing of this seasonal landing strip.

Pre-heating the engine on a frosty morning.

Readying radios, GPS and other equipment for the flight.

On take off climb the 115 HP engine gave us a strong climb even with full fuel.

Clear skies and good visibility enabled us to almost see our destination hundreds or miles distant. At 9,500' there was a moderate north wind that cut our ground speed at bit both directions.

After parking and tying down at Laconia, Phil's sister met and then joined us for lunch at a local resturaunt.

Back in the air, we photographed some property in the vicinity of the Laconia Airport.

From the south looking across the village of Alton Bay, Lake Winnisesaukee and beyond to a cloud capped Mt Washington.

As a child I had stayed somewhere along here with my grandparents. (almost 50 years ago!)

Though the ice runway was closed, we made an approach and low pass over the runway.

We flew around the shoreline of the lake towards Laconia. (keeping a safe distance from people and structures)

The ice may not have been good for airplanes, but ice fishermen and ice kite skiers were making good use of it.

Wing struts with a shallow depth of field


Phil with the setting sun on his face

I don't know... Thought this looked interesting :-)

On final runway 35 at Hamilton.

Phils Cessna 140. Such a nice plane. I want one.