Monday, August 26, 2013

Fly-in at Anthonson Airport (NY28)

Every year Jack Haggerty has a party at his Anthonson Airport hangar. This was the first one that I have attended, and have to add that I wasn't actually invited...

I've never been one to crash a party, but that may have to change!

A couple days earlier at my airport when hearing of the gathering I was told that everyone was welcome, just bring a dish to pass. With a box of cookies in the back seat of my Challenger I took off on the 4.4 mile flight to Anthonson.

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Anthonson Airport (NY28)

Wanting to photograph arriving aircraft I arrived a bit early and was the first one in. Landing to the west I set up my approach to keep a safe height over the road, but on final could see that there was a pretty clear view around trees of approaching vehicles that would cross past the end of the runway.

My Challenger II parked

Parking the plane I was greeted by Seamus. Jack was preparing meat and I asked if there was anything I could do to help. They we all set and well prepared for the soon to arrive guests.

The hangar, ready for a party...

Food cooking in "Fat Man"

John Kellogg was the first to arrive in his Husky

Jack Briggs and his wife were one of the earlier arrivals. I hadn't seen Jack in almost 10 years.

Seamus, a student pilot, was with his instructor when he got to experience a partial power loss with the failure of one cylinder. Fortunately they were approaching an airport and when within gliding distance shut the engine down and made a safe landing.

Jim Murphy in his Super Cub

Jack recording all the flying action

Vinny and wife

David Lee in his Zenith

Lots of great food. 
I didn't eat a lot but took small amounts of a variety of interesting and delicious salads. 
In a couple hours I was to meet my son and his girlfriend down in Cortland for dinner.

Running late I took off and turn SE towards Marcellus. Afterwards I wish I had take the time to circle back around for another aerial shot of the airport at the height of the party. 
Next time...

Thank you Jack and Karen!
I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed meeting everyone.


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