Sunday, July 14, 2013

2013 Rose Fly-in - EAA Chapter 1017

For almost 20 years Chapter 1017 has had a fly-in at Rose airport about 5 miles south of Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario.

It is a relatively small event attended by club members and a few visitors who fly in and camp for the weekend. I didn't camp but flew up from Marcellus on each of the three days during the event. Not that I need an excuse, but it is a great excuse for some flying.

The atmosphere is perfect for a relaxing visit with other club members and meeting with visitors. There is a camping area under a grove of trees with plenty of room for RVs or tents. Water and bathroom facilities are available on-site as well as picnic tables under a tent for visiting or eating. Breakfast, lunch and dinners are prepared on request and priced very reasonably.

After months of rain, the weather pattern changed leading up to the event giving us pretty good conditions right through the weekend. Winds were fairly light and high clouds Friday and Saturday limited the sun's heating making afternoon temperatures tolerable and cutting off thermals for very smooth flying.

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The town of Rose with the airport in the background Friday afternoon.

Shortly after my arrival, Gerd, Bill and Guy arrived. This was Guy's first X/C in a Challenger and as you can see he is pretty happy.

Four Challengers in a row! 
We are fortunate as there are 5 Challengers based at Marcellus

Charlie Tyler checking out my re-drive.

Murphy Rebel

Another nice way to cool off...

Saturday's Flight

On the way to Rose I made a brief diversion to circle over the site of a wedding later in the afternoon on the shore of Otisco Lake. My partner in a Cessna is also the Town Justice of Marietta and she was performing the ceremony

Michael, who is also a Challenger owner came along for the ride. Skaneateles Lake is in the background

A group of kayakers on the Seneca River near Howland Island Wildlife Area

A nice turnout as we arrive on Saturday afternoon

Camping out of an Aeronca Champ

Downloading navigational software

Time for stories and jokes along the flight line...

Campground panorama

Sharon has spotted someone...

Dinner time. 
Here our chef is preparing a couple "Charlie Tyler Double Trouble Burgers"

Demonstrating XWing Pro

Flying home. Smooth as glass!


Youngster getting a ride in a trike.

CGS Hawk flying north.

On the way out I took the long way back and flew north for a bit along Sodus Bay and over Chimney Bluffs State Park before turning southeast and continuing my climb into much cooler air above the clouds.

Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario

Chimney Bluffs State Park

Cool and smooth above the clouds for the ride back.

A very nice weekend. Thank you to all the members of EAA 1017 for all your hard work making this annual even happen!

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