Sunday, August 24, 2008

Timing is Everything

It wasn't a bad day. But that depends on when you checked. During the times that the sun shone through breaks in the Ci and for some time afterwards soaring was okay. While the sun was filtered through those clouds thermals died off. Conditions improved late in the day and there was plenty of lift when I came down and it was even better later when Jay landed later.

Jeff, Jay and myself flew today. Carla and Brad worked as the ground crew. While Jack did a BFR in an open cockpit biplane Jay towed both Jeff and I up. When Jack finished he gave Jay a lift.

I was up for 1:45 and Jay over 2 hours.


*********from Jeff**********

It was a great day, except that we missed many of our members. We need to
get out more.

I got the Libelle back out for the first flight after the repair from my out
landing. She performed perfectly. I did not perform quite as well, but had a
terrific time doing it. Twice.

My first tow I released at 3100 in what FELT like a thermal, but turned out
to be a faux thermal. I struggled for 20 minutes trying to climb. I
struggled for SO LONG that eventually the towplane brought up the next
victim, George, and for the first time that I am aware of, two gliders
reached release altitude at the same time, from two consecutive tows.
Strange but true. Believe it or not. Go figure.

I was able finally to reach 4200' so I ventured out upwind. I found a very
large field being mowed and that buoyed me up for a few minutes, with surges
of 500fpm. Things started to devolve and next thing I knew I was on the
ground again (at the airport this time!)

The second tow was more like a sled ride, but fun just the same. I did find
a thermal near the airport (OK, I was on downwind!) but could not climb high
enough to escape the rotor coming off the hanger roof!

Thanks especially to Brad for his excellent service in the disassembly of
Ms. Libelle. He shall be renamed Mr. Firmgrip. And thanks to Carla for
remembering to take off my tail dolly and for running my wing. And thanks to
Jay and to Jack for flying tows yesterday. I am still considering whether to
thank George and Jay for insisting that I take the first tow, and
essentially serving as their sniffer!

Tuesday looks like it might be good for soaring. Is anyone available for any
day this week??


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