Sunday, August 17, 2008

Work, work, work

But fun!

The best way to describe it.

Strong sink, a 15 kt west breeze and inconsistent lift. During the first hour and a half I never caught a break. Always struggling between 2,500 and 3,500. Thermals were tight but occasionally quite strong. However, in between was some 500 fpm sink. Finally after over two hours I caught a 700 fpm thermal that brought me up over 4,000.
Flight time ~2:30 with lift still working as I dove to loose altitude.

Jeff flew over from Skaneateles in the Lambada with the engine off. He gave frequent progress reports as I attempted to fly upwind to meet him. I don't know how long a soaring flight Jeff had but he was around Hamilton for at least an hour and a half. Maybe more!

Randy called to see if we were flying and came out. I assume that was him in the 1-26 for its first flight. Jack took a turn a little later in the afternoon. I can imagine it was a tough day for our stubby winged ship.

Kevin towed today. Carla and Brad worked as our ground crew.

...and if you notice 18L looks like something right off the factory floor, thank Brett for washing it. I'm not sure but our ground crew may have helped with that too.


Nice looking clouds!

Jeff soaring his Lambada. (note feathered prop) In the background is Bouckville Antique Meet.

Hamilton Airport from over town at 2,300 feet msl

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