Monday, September 1, 2008

Local flying for me, short X/C for someone braver...

A good day. Not quite as nice as forecast but good enough to for both Jay and I to stay up for 2-1/2 hours and see 6,000'. There was still plenty of lift when we came down.

I stayed pretty close, not going any further upwind than Stockbridge and then west to Nelson.

Jay headed west to our old home at Woodfords. The first picture was taken right after Jay radioed 5,000 feet over Woodfords. Woodford's is about 18 miles to the west, under those clouds just ahead of my wing. Note the significant blue between where I was over Morrisville and where Jay was. Jay says he found lift all the way back when he needed it and never got low.

Kevin towed. Brett was there to help with assembly. Carla and Brad managed ground operations. Phil visited and Greg swung by late in the day and help us with disassembly.

Thanks to everyone!

Looking west towards Woodford's

Morrisville, NY

Tandem parachuters at Hamilton Airport. So colorful I couldn't pass this up!

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