Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunday May 16th

The soaring forecast for Sunday was calling for a fairly strong day limited by 5,000' cloud base. With all the difficult soaring weather lately I couldn't pass up on an opportunity to catch some ISA action. Unfortunately I had to leave early in the afternoon and could only stay around for the first launch somewhere close to 2:00 PM.

Greg assembling the L-33 with Brett's help

Kevin and Brett on take-off in 18L

Phil gave Kate and my "new" 1965 Cessna 150 a checkout

Sunday graduation at Colgate brought in a variety of visiting aircraft

Kevin demonstrating his knot tying skills

Brett hooking up Greg in L-33

Greg ready to go

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Kathleen Jacques said...

George - this blog is really beautiful. Your photos are wonderful and they really tell the story of the day's event's, making me feel as if I'd shared the experience. Thank you for sharing!