Monday, April 19, 2010

Libelle for Sale

Greetings all,

Occasionally a few things happen that are minor in themselves but result in much bigger changes.

A couple weeks back I caught a cold from one of my coworkers. Because of this I was unable to bring the Libelle to Hamilton, help out with the spring work day and also deliver my check for last years parking fee and this years dues. The following Saturday I was up early since the cold that sent me home from work Thursday night was finally releasing me from its grip. Kate was dropping her car off for some work in a Camillus shop not far from my house. I offered to pick her up for coffee rather than let her wait at the shop.

After coffee we returned for the car but a communication mix-up resulted in only part of the work being done. Kate and I both had our cameras so we decided to ride over to Camillus Airport to shoot planes while we waited for the car. Then as we walked past the open T-Hangars we came across a Cessna 150 with a "For Sale" sign in the window and the owner right there to answer questions. Kate and I have talked for years about buying a plane together but never really took any real steps to do it. That got us talking about it again.

The result, Kate and I are buying a plane. It may or may not be this little 150. But it will be something.

Hence, my beautiful magical Libelle is up for sale...

I've placed an ad on Wings & Wheels and also on our website SoarCNY.

Here is a direct link:

Otherwise there is a Hyperlink at the bottom of the left side navigation bar on the site.

more soon,

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