Monday, July 13, 2009

Flight to visit the Pitcairns

Jeff and I flew down to Vansant Airport near Allentown, PA then a couple miles south to the Pitcairn's airport to meet another Lambada owner and compare possible structural changes to the Lambada.

Along the way our traffic watching was aided by this little device that watches for transponder signals from nearby aircraft. It compares the broadcast altitude from an encoding transponder to its own pressure altitude to determine how far above or below it is. The signal strength is used to calculate distance. Until the nearby aircraft is spotted it feel like something out of a scary movie, you know something is approaching but you can't see it...

Two Lambadas.

Lauren Pitcairn and his son David. A very interesting family history. Pittsburgh Plate Glass; Pitcairn Aircraft
Family History
John Pitcairn

Looking for any difference in construction.

As we were leaving David fired up the Stearman for some air-to-air photography.

Some interesting cloudscapes returning to CNY.

Approaching Skaneateles, we spotted Jim Murphy departing Frozen Ocean and were treated to a brief fly-by of his newly built RV

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Kathleen Jacques said...

Great photos George! That cloud shot is one of the best examples of the extraordinary cloud formations we've been getting all summer. It's good to see that you and Jeff don't let a "few" storm clouds keep you down!