Monday, July 13, 2009

A beautiful day! Jeff and I flew up to Rose, NY (just south of Sodus Bay) for breakfast at the EAA1017 annual fly-in before cruising over to Hamilton for the afternoon.

We had a good turn out of members and 2 rides flown by Jeff K in the clubs' 2-33.

Randy Baker, one of our CFIGs rode in on an electric bike and allowed anyone interested to take it for a spin.

Greg Natke showed his "green" side by bringing his Army truck to the field. It also serves as mobile bleachers and I imagine could tow all the gliders to the staging point in one trip.

Brett took up the club L-33

Jeff launched in the Lambada right behind Jay in his ASW-15b, then returned to pick me up for some air to air photos. Unfortunately Brett found only sink and was in the pattern before we could join up with him. Jay headed W and we passed below him on his return from the Tully area.

We found pretty good lift and managed to climb up to cloud base with the engine off before turning west towards Skaneateles. Hamilton is visible just to the left of the nose.

When we were just west of Hamilton a call came on the radio from a Guard C-130 that it would be transitioning the Hamilton area at 500'. Shortly afterwards we spotted it below moving fast.

Most of the flight back was made with the engine idling. If we weren't headed upwind we might have been able to soar the entire distance. Looking north some large buildups could be seen in the distance near Canada.

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