Monday, April 27, 2009

Assembly Day and Season Start

By early last week the weekend forecast was looking good and a work day was called for Sunday to ready our fleet for the season.

Seven current and one new member turned out. With plenty of hands both the 1-26, then the 2-33 were ready for flight in short order.

Welcome our newest member Jeff Kleinwaks who is a CFIG and tow pilot. Coming from the Triple City Soaring in Endicott. His knowledge, experience and enthusiasm is a welcome addition to our small group. Jeff is flying a Cirrus.

Jack, a CFI, glider pilot and also one of our tow pilots tightens pins on the 1-26

Kevin, our Sunday tow pilot, steadies the 2-33 until the wings were attached

Marc had the job of standing in the cockpit to connect pins and controls as the wings were placed

Randy, our CFIG, flew the test flight in "Big Red" the clubs 2-33

Greg readies himself in the 1-26 ahead of its first flight of the season

Brett landing 1-26 after making the longest flight of the day. With no batteries and thus no vario he demonstrated some great "seat of the pants" soaring as we watched him climbing in lift just west of the field

On Saturday, the Sunday forecast called for cloudy skies, chance of showers and a high of under 70. Under mostly sunny skies afternoon temperatures reached 80 with some well developed CU

I took a ride in the 1-26 at the end of the day. There was still plenty of lift and I managed to soar for a while without a vario. This shot is a 100% crop of our tie-down / assembly area from ~3,000'.

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