Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lake Ontario

Central New York is starting to look like Spring is taking hold. The ice is retreating on the Finger Lakes and the snow is gone except for a few shaded places.

North winds were keeping our afternoon temperatures well below normal, but also gave us hope for some thermal activity. Leaving the first thermal encountered after take-off we pointed upwind in hope that there was some streeting. We found some lift from time to time though not enough to keep us going.

Circling over Auburn's parking lots and factories, we joined a group of seagulls and picked up some height before turning north to follow the creek leaving Owasco Lake.

We followed this creek north past Port Byron to where it joins the Seneca River just beyond an old mill.

We continued north over Howland Island then on to Lake Ontario just west of Fair Haven.

Following the coast westward we flew to near Sodus Bay, circling to make several photo passes at Chimney Bluff State Park.

Fair Haven State Park.

North winds created lift along the cliff face giving us some altitude.

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