Friday, August 18, 2017

Flight to Old Forge

With some beautiful weather after a very wet spring and summer I wanted to take a little adventure in the plane. In the next couple weeks the plane will go in for its annual, I will be finishing up work and retiring, then we will be headed to Logan UT for David and Kelli's wedding. At least through the middle of September, life will be busy.

I considered Rutland, VT or Mt Washington, NH but decided to save those for a later date to camp and do some hiking during the fall foliage season.

With my planes' leisurely 100 mph cruise it is under 45 minutes to Old Forge. From start-up to shutdown about an hour, plus any sightseeing added to that.

The air was cool and perfectly smooth both directions however, haze increasing to the north and east made photography difficult from cruising altitudes of 5,500 going out and 6,500 on the return. It wasn't worth opening the window to take many photos.

There was some fog along the route and on the Fulton Chain of Lakes that I could see in the distance but it was burning off quickly with the morning sun.

This is Middle Settlement Lake. On my birthday a couple weeks back I hiked from Route 28 near the Onieko Lakes to here.

Approaching Old Forge airport. It is visible from quite a distance back as it is the only clearing in the unending forest of the Adirondack Park. Just to the right of this image is the village of Old Forge only a 20 minute walk away.

Turning downwind I spotted a group of kayakers working their way up the Middle Branch Moose River. With all its meandering, it appears you will paddle at least 2 miles for each 1 mile made good!

Parked at Old Forge. There were 5 other planes tied down as well as several in hangars around this developing fly-in community. All the properties around the field have been sold to pilots who will build homes and be able to taxi from the runway to their house.

A short walk into town brings you to Main Street (Rt 28) on the west side of Enchanted Forest/Water Safari. I continued through the town for breakfast at Keyes Pancake house, then to Mountainman Outdoor Supply and onto Thendara.

Kayakers on the Middle Branch Moose River from Rt 28 bridge.

I returned along the Tobie Trail, a paved walking/biking path which follows Rt 28, then turns south to avoid the downtown section and turns back north to cross the bottom of First Lake and back along the road to the airport before heading off to Eagle Bay and Inlet on Fourth Lake.

So often I've said that the flying was the best part of any trip.  Now after 45+ years in the air I've finally gotten to the point where, while I love the air time, I really enjoy exploring new places and talking with all the interesting people I meet.

Mountain Air Painters

Route 28 looking NE from the Middle Branch Moose River towards town

First Lake, park with beach area and Enchanted Forest

Along the way back I just relaxed. Again haze made photography towards the south impossible.

Drivers village, Rts 81 and 481 Syracuse Hancock Airport

Hancock Internation Airport and the Post Office

A couple shots of Onondaga lake and Syracuse

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