Monday, July 18, 2016

Sunday Flight to Hamilton, Beck's Grove and Airlane Enterprise Airports

With only light and variable winds forecast for Sunday's sailboat race I decided instead of sailing to fly over to Hamilton and see what my old soaring club was up to. Of course, looking forward to taking a few pictures of the activity while there. 

It's been about 5 years since I sold my Libelle 201B, so I'm out of the loop with Iroquois Soaring. With a BLIPMAP forecast for very good soaring, there should be a good chance that someone will be out to soar.

While readying the plane I turned on my Ham radio tuned to Unicom just in time to hear John Kellogg turning base for 33 at Marcellus. Of course, I have to get him a few new screen savers for his computer...

Skirting the edge of Syracuse Class C airspace to the south I fly from Marcellus to just north of Lafayette before heading direct to Hamilton.

To the north of my route I pass Cazenovia. Here is where I started my Monday walks along the North Country Scenic Trail. Walking out and back, I've worked my way almost to Rome passing the east end of Oneida Lake seen here in the distance. 

Entering the pattern on the downwind leg I can already see there isn't any soaring going on at Hamilton today.

Israel Galaxy

I stayed at Hamilton for about 20 minutes wandering around.
This is where both my Pilatus B4 and my Glasflugel Libelle 201B were based when flying with Iroquois Soaring Association

Cirrus SR-20 on take-off

Heading north towards Beck's Grove I passed just to the west of the Turning Stone Casino

The North Country Trail crosses the Erie Canal at this lock. My most recent walk covered this section of the trail!

On Final to Beck's Grove (K16)

Not very pretty or fast. the high lift slotted wings, tundra tires and horsepower will get this 'off-road' Zenith homebuilt in and out of practically anywhere

These trees were intimidating! For take-off, I began my run in the grass about 200' before the end of the runway to make use of all the available space. With only me and 1/2 tanks there was no problem and plenty of room over those tall trees at the end of this 3,000' runway.

Sylvan Beach


Oneida Lake looking east

Airlane Enterprise Airport (1H1)
Circling the field I could see Ray Florczyk, the airport owner, waving so I stopped in for a visit. Ray keeps an Aeronca Champ in his back yard airfield.

I landed to the south and took off downhill to the north. The N-S runway on the left is about 2,200 feet long. The Cessna was off in just over 1/3 the runway and was able to easily turn and stay within the airport boundary while climbing with 10ยบ flaps

Heading back home I can see it was a pretty quiet day on the lake...
Onondaga Lake from the north

Onondaga Yacht Club on left with Syracuse in the background

Lakeview Amphitheater on Lakeview Point.

Onondaga Yacht Club and marina

Syracuse with Solvay in the foreground

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