Sunday, March 13, 2016

Late Winter / early Spring Flight to Chittenango Falls

A pleasant day with weak sun shining through thickening clouds. With a forecast of rain all week I thought I should get out for a ride while I can...

I spent a little time close to the airport taking pictures before heading east to Chittenange Falls about 30 miles away. With a layer of cirrostratus softening and scattering the sunlight it was a good opportunity to visit this high contrast scene. In past attempts I haven't had good luck here. Dark gorge walls and bright water made for unsatisfying results. Today should be better.

Knowing there was precipitation to the south of me in PA, I zoomed out ForeFlight to see how radar would be displayed. 

Nine mile Creek meandering along Gorge Road just south of Camillus. It drains Otisco lake into Onondaga Lake

The town of Camillus

Our new movie theater under construction in Township 5

Onondaga Community College

Syracuse and Onondaga Lake
 Another of Syracuse and Onondaga Lake

Chittenango Falls State Park

Course entered back to Marcellus (yes, I am slightly to the left of course...)

A good afternoon. Now I can survive the rain until the next good weather...

The following day I stopped by the falls for some ground shots

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