Sunday, May 17, 2015

Morning Fog and Apple Blossom Festival Breakfast

Checking the weather before heading to bed the night before there was morning fog in the forecast. As long as it wasn't too widespread this would make for some interesting scenes as we departed Marcellus for a breakfast at Williamson-Sodus Sunday morning. 

I woke to a call from my dad that he wouldn't be able to join me for the flight. At first I considered staying in bed a bit longer, then I remembered the fog and was out the front door within 15 minutes. Coffee from the Express Mart as I pass though the village and I'm good to go...

The skies were mostly sunny but there were clouds to the south and some visible moisture in the lower atmosphere. 

Climbing out of Marcellus right off I could see Skaneateles Lake looked different. As I turned southwest and gained altitude I found the lake covered by a thin layer of ground fog.

Skaneateles Lake

Otisco Lake

After circling over the lakes for a bit I start thinking of where to go.  Over the radio I could hear almost constant transmissions from pilots landing and taking off at Williamson-Sodus. I'm already in the air and it is only 20 minutes away. I've got to go visit.

Even with all the traffic the timing was right so that I was able to fit right into the downwind leg for landing #3 behind a Bonanza and a Cessna.

 Our Cessna at Williamson-Sodus

The sign on the palm tree says:
"Margaritaville, It's 5:00 somewhere"

Cooking for hundreds...

A long, long line on this beautiful morning. I just grabbed some coffee and was happy with that.

Rides were offered in both the departing helicopter and the Piper on the right

A beautifully finished Challenger II owned by John Bailey

Willismson-Sodus Airport. As I was leaving the line still stretched for hundreds of feet.

Nine Mile Point in the distance appears to still be in the fog

The air was smooth as glass all morning and into mid day. Perfect flying weather!
And this is how I like to fly. Arm out the window. 
The open window has a speed limit of 100 mph. That's okay, as I am happy cruising along at 85-90.

(rather than spending time in Photoshop correcting my receding hairline, I just cropped off the top of my head!)

Cross Lake, Lake Ontario in the distance

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