Sunday, June 29, 2014

Flight to Cortland and Hamilton

I flew the Cessna down to Cortland in the morning. There were a few things I wanted to bring to my son David and I also wanted to see for myself the body work he has been doing on his BMW. He is only a mile and a half from the airport so although a car was offered for me to use, I really felt like walking. It was already getting warm, but it turned out to be an easy 30 minute walk.

Cortland Airport (N03)

Leaving Cortland I was feeling a little warm, so with the window open I climbed in a 800 fpm thermal then made a cruise climb to 6,000' putting me over most of the clouds. Here the air was smooth and cool for the ride over to Hamilton.

It was great to visit with everyone and to see all the gliders being flown.

As always if anyone wants the full resolution of any of these images just let me know and I'll send them to you.

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