Saturday, March 23, 2013

Early Season Flight

The field still felt a little too soft to drive on so I parked by the main hangar and walked down to mine. The air temperature was just below freezing with a 10-15 kt NW breeze. 

This was my first opportunity to fly since mid January. I've been watching the 10 day forecast for over a month now and always it predicts a sunny, above freezing stretch sometime in the following week. As the following week arrives, the good weather moves to the next week. 

Today was nice. The rest of the week is forecast to be cloudy with snow showers. But "next week", good weather....

I thought the line of snow/grass so perfectly aligned with the shade of the hangar was interesting.

Looking south towards Otisco and Skaneateles lakes.

The village of Skaneateles as I pass over a snow shower with the snowflakes below reflecting the sun.

Climbing through this large break in the clouds for a look to the west across the town and northern end of Skaneateles Lake.

Descending and looking south at Otisco Lake, still frozen.

Marcellus Airport in the foreground. Syracuse, Onondaga Lake and in the distance Oneida Lake

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