Sunday, September 11, 2011

Inspection Day and some flying

Dave Jones came up from Cortland to do annual inspections on both the club and private aircraft. We had a good turnout for the day with Jay, Joe, Brett, Mark, and Tim on hand. Having worked the previous night I arrived a little late with the club planes already being buttoned up, only Jay's ASW-15 and my Libelle 201B still needed to be checked.

It was a nice day for flying though a layer of cirrus weakened thermal activity considerably. There was lift, and both the rides given by Jay could be seen circling and climbing.

Some hangar talk after Dave finished some paperwork. (L-R) Dave, Brett, Joe, Jay, Tim,

Joe polishing the 2-33 canopy
Our newest member Andrew
Jay explaining effect of the flight controls
2-33 on tow above
Visitor, Joe and Brett
OUr towplane landing
Mark, Brett and Joe towing the L-33 to the staging area
Brett readying for flight

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