Monday, January 11, 2010

First flight of 2010

On the coldest day of the year yet Jeff invited me out for a ride in the Lambada. I was unable to met him until noon so he went up for a ride and was landing to pick me up just as I arrived.

I always try to get a picture of Otisco Lake for Kate. A few years ago I was able to kayak until the end of January on this lake.

There was a west wind blowing across the hills between the lakes and these clouds had the look of some light wave action down low.

Lake Ontario was covered in lake effect clouds and showers. Snow showers we trailing off to the east over the Tug Hill Plateau and beyond.

A short climb to warm the engine and deliver a little heat to our feet.

Returning to Skaneateles we saw Bill Volcko taxiing his Challenger II towards the runway. We contacted him on the radio and connected up for some air-to-air photos...

Town of Skaneateles.

Jeff let the plane descend "hands off" to explore its stability. With the engine off, prop feathered and spoilers open we settled into an 800 FPM descent in a gentle spiral.

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