Saturday, February 21, 2009

Petersburg Wave Camp - Saturday

Lake effect snow carried in on strong NW winds prevented Jeff and Warren from flying down Friday. Phil and I drove and arrived at the Hermitage in Petersburg at midnight under starry skies. The better weather forecast for Saturday in NY blew in overnight and Jeff's Lambada made the flight in 2:45 landing here before 11:00.

Right away Warren, who volunteered to help during the week, was trained on procedures and safely issues by our towpilot.

Sunny skies and south winds gave us a beautiful day for sightseeing over the hills and valleys to the west. South winds blow parallel to the ridge and thus little ridge and no wave. However with the flexibility offered by a motor-glider we were able to explore through the hills. We found localized areas of lift on the windward faces. But more interestingly just southwest of Grant County airport downwind of the end of the ridge was an area of convergence where air divided to either side of the hills rejoined and pushed upward.

Phil flew out first with Jeff. Later Jeff and I flew up the Potomac river gorge then across the ridge to Seneca Rocks. Beautiful terrain and a place I am looking forward to exploring on foot sometime soon.

Over the Potomac River gorge.

Cliffs along the Potomac River gorge.

A room with a view.

Lower Hills Below Dolly Sod

Seneca Rocks

Petersburg, WV

Once flying was done for the day 7 of us drove back to the Hermitige Inn for dinner and flying talk.

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