Friday, December 5, 2008

Wave Camp - from Jefferson Shingleton

Good Evening !!

I got up this morning, and the sky was clear! I talked to the boys at Petersburg, WV and they were pretty convinced that although it will rain Thursday, that Friday, Sunday and Monday may be wave days. (They also toldme they have found that Elkins weather is not indicative of Petersburg weather.)

What cinched it is that Bob Quass is driving in from Ohio tonight, dragging his 1-26, and will arrive Thursday and stay through Monday. (Bob and I had a great time at the Feb/Mar wave camp.) So I piled into the Lambada, refueled in Cortland, and flew on down for a few days. Please forgive that I may have to miss the meeting/party on Saturday evening. And do NOT elect me to office!! (As you can see here, I am NOT RELIABLE!) I am happy to continue as Special Assistant to the President, if you'll have me.

Following my 3 hour flight from Cortland, I rested at W99 for 45 minutes, long enough for my feet to thaw. Then reboarded and flew 15m to the south end of Dolly Sods, where the South winds were generating ridge lift. Had a great one hour flight. Soared the ridge with four eagles. Still idling the engine, I found 1 kt lift for 10 miles back North toward W99, passed through the gap and glided back in, arriving at 2000 agl over W99. Sweet!

Then homemade Shedherd's Pie at Larry's house. Such a deal!


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