Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Storms over Central NY

The threat of afternoon thunderstorms discouraged our club from soaring today, but a few of us met to help recharge the C.A.P. Blanik's strut.

On the flight over the Hamilton (H30) from Skaneateles (6B9) the Cu were building. By the time we finished our work, isolated thunderstorms were approaching both airports.

Isolated means plenty of room to give these storms the respect they deserve while still enjoying the view.

This storm was approaching as we departed Hamilton. We flew south until clear then west towards home.

Approaching Skaneateles a line of showers was over Auburn about 10 W extending to the NE and moving E. We arrived on the upwind leg at the same time as the gust front. Again flying to the south, we waited about 10 minutes and it had moved to the east.

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