Sunday, April 20, 2008

Assembly Day and Season Start

Greg N, Brett M, Joe U, Marc J, Jeff S, Phil M, Kate J and myself came out on a record setting warm afternoon. It reached 87 degrees yesterday afternoon!

I arrived at 1:00 our 2-33 "Big Red" was already assembled and the 1-26 was about to be lowered from the rafters. After some difficulties releasing the chain, it was gently brought down and rolled out for assembly. Mark and I gave the 2-33 a thorough preflight and off it went to the launch point. Greg N made the initial check flights on both gliders. Joe U, and Marc J both took flights with Greg and reported back that lift was everywhere.

Meanwhile, after years of Samba and Lambada worshiping, Kate finally got a nice long ride with Jeff in his brand new Lambada. She returned all smiles!

This week I will ready my Libelle for the season and hopefully have it out and ready to go by the weekend.

More pictures: SoarCNY Page 3

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